Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson: I won't make the same mistake again

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson said he will learn from his mistake after gifting Leicester City a goal in Saturday's 2-1 win.

With Liverpool 2-0 up and apparently heading for an easy win in the Premier League game, Alisson refused to take the easy option of just clearing his lines when put under pressure by a poor Virgil van Dijk backpass after the break.

Instead, Alisson tried to beat Kelechi Iheanacho with a step over, but was robbed of the ball by the striker, who centred for Rachid Ghezzal to find an empty net and spark a Leicester fightback.

"It was a 'reading the play' mistake by me," Alisson told ESPN Brasil after the game. "I didn't receive that good of a pass, we talked about that in the locker room, I spoke to Virgil, it wasn't that good of a pass.

"I also had all the conditions to kick the ball away and tried to keep playing, keep the possession. Everyone analyses the games. Obviously, I won't be stupid to make the same mistake. We have to learn from our mistakes. But it's part of my game, I won't be arrogant of saying that I will keep doing this. We have to learn from our mistakes.

"If it's necessary, the dribble has to be the last resource. Unfortunately, today it caused that goal.

"I think that it was a foul, but we can't support ourselves on that. In this kind of play, here in the Premier League, not every collision is a foul. In my opinion it was, but it's part of the game, we can't give room for that to happen on the pitch."

Klopp said Alisson chose the right game to commit a glaring error because Liverpool still held on to win. The manager spoke last week about how it was "not too cool for a manager" when Alisson calmly chipped the ball over Anthony Knockaert during the 1-0 victory over Brighton and Hove Albion.

"Last week when he did the chip, it was clear the way everyone spoke about it, that this would happen one day -- that we concede a goal because of that," Klopp told a news conference on Saturday. "We still want to use it, but not in that situation. I have to see it back but I thought Joe Gomez could have cleared the situation, and for sure, Virgil [van Dijk] could have done it.

"If Alisson clears the ball away, all fine, but he doesn't do that and for some reason, he dribbles and they score the goal. I said to him it's the best game to do it in, because we still won. We tick that box, we know as a team we are still in that period where we have to adapt to each other.

"We shouldn't use him in the wrong moments -- he is not a solution for us, he is an option. We did that [used him in the wrong situations] a few times too much and if we conceded a second goal, we'd have had to take that as well."

It was the first goal the Brazil No. 1 has conceded following his £65 million move from Roma in July, but Klopp was relaxed about the gaffe as Liverpool maintained their 100 percent win record.

"It's only a positive that he's such a good footballer," he added. "We all have to learn to use him in the right moments -- pass the ball, yes, but then immediately make another option for him or open passing lanes for him.

"Play the pass at the right moment -- not on a dry pitch and not hitting it hard enough. We don't have to accept it, that was a mistake -- no goalkeeper should dribble in this situation. But he did it and much more interesting to me was how the reaction was and it was good. We still used him in better situations after.

"The crowd wanted to make him nervous after, but he didn't look nervous. Football is a game where lots of mistakes happen over 90 minutes, but that was a big one, a decisive one as we conceded from it.

"The reaction was brilliant. It needs to happen so it doesn't happen again, and I think that was the day today."

The tense win at the King Power Stadium means Liverpool have now opened the league season with four straight victories for the first time since 1990.

"Result-wise, it couldn't have been better," Klopp said. "Performance-wise, we know we can improve. We know already that we could have done better it -- our start showed how good we can be. But it's still early in the season, we are not 100 percent stable to do the right things constantly.

"It was exciting until the end and I'm fine with that. We knew we have to make a big fight of it. In the beginning, we knew we had to fight for the points and that's what we did."

Information from Reueters was used in this report.