Jason Hoffman calls on managerless Newcastle Jets to focus

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Jason Hoffman is imploring his Newcastle Jets side to build on the foundations laid in the brief tenure of Carl Robinson.

The Welsh coach spectacularly quit the Jets in October to join Western Sydney Wanderers just eight months after being unveiled as Newcastle's boss.

While Robinson's exit leaves the Jets searching for a new coach heading into the 2020-21 A-League campaign, Hoffman says whoever takes over doesn't need to rip up and start again.

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Robinson won six and lost just three of his 10 matches in charge of the Jets and 31-year-old Hoffman believes he's left a legacy which can be built upon.

"It's obviously going to be a change regardless if a new coach comes in," Hoffman said.

"He'll have his own little tweaks that he'll have but a lot of the positive football that we played at the back end of last season needs to be built upon.

"As we saw that brings success, so I'm sure that the coach will have his plan and he will tweak us in the right way."

With just over a month before the new A-League campaign kicks off, the Jets aren't just on the hunt for a new coach with owner Martin Lee eager to sell the club.

Hoffman said the imminent start to the season should be all the Jets squad needs to keep off-field matters out of mind however.

"The moment it ticks over to December we're in the month where we're going to play," Hoffman said.

"The start of the season is creeping up slowly so all the talk about ownership and coaches and things like that we're trying to put to the back of our mind now and just make sure that, as a playing group, we're prepared as best we can.

"Deansie [interim coach Craig Deans], Macca [Daniel McBreen] and the coaching staff here are preparing us extremely well and we'll be ready regardless of what happens between now and round one."