Amiens' Lacina Traore hits back at claims he has changed his identity

Amiens striker Lacina Traore has told L'Equipe he will take legal action over allegations he changed his identity.

Ibrahim Kone, the president of Ivorian club Etoile Sportive d'Abobo, alleged earlier this week that Traore had been called Traore Menene when his club signed him in 2005.

Kone claimed Traore had changed his name and falsified his age -- Kone said Traore is 29, not 27 as listed -- and that ES Abobo should receive part of the numerous transfer fees the striker has moved for throughout his career.

He has also made a complaint to the Ivorian football federation, but Traore, who is on loan at Amiens from Monaco, has hit back at the accusations.

"When I saw that, I was surprised and above all shocked," said Traore, who made his name at Romanian side Cluj before playing in Russia, France, England and Spain.

"I didn't expect it. I saw all of that come out on social media. Can you imagine? I have stayed quiet until today, but it hurts. ... I prefer to train to finish the season as well as possible. That's the most important thing. But as soon as the league is over, my lawyers will take care of that."

Traore admitted he was aware of Kone, but clarified that he had been never been coached by him, insisting he began his career at Olympique Sport d'Abobo at 11 and not at Kone's club.

"Everyone knows him," Traore said. "He's a reference in Ivory Coast."

He also vehemently denied ever having been called anything other than Lacina Traore.

"It's incredible! My parents are still alive and they gave me this identity," Traore said. "He's tarnishing the honour of my family. My parents call me all the time. They want to go and meet him, but that's not the solution.

"The law will speak. And the truth will win out. I'll never accept what he says. He can't say I'm someone I'm not."