Sanchez del Amo to sue Malaga for unfair dismissal over sexually explicit video

Victor Sanchez del Amo has announced he will take legal action against Malaga for unlawful dismissal after he was fired when a sexually explicit video of him appeared on social media.

Sanchez del Amo was sacked by the Spanish second division side for "disciplinary reasons" on Saturday. Accompanied by a lawyer and speaking for the first time since then, he said in a news conference on Wednesday: "Regarding my sacking, I reiterate that it is unjust and I'm in disagreement. I will take legal action.

"I am proud of the work we have done from the first to the last day at Malaga. All that we have done is to do what was best for Malaga. I have done nothing wrong."

Malaga suspended Sanchez del Amo after the coach said on Twitter on Jan. 7 a crime had been committed against his privacy and claimed he had been a victim of harassment and blackmail before the video was posted on the internet.

"Later that day [Jan. 7] the club, through its general director, sends to me by Whatsapp a statement in which they suspend me from the team to investigate the situation," Sanchez del Amo said.

"They don't allow me access to the club or any communication with club employees, including my technical staff. They don't even ask about how I am ... They request that I attend a meeting on Jan. 13 at La Rosaleda [Stadium].

"I interpret this statement as a sign that the club doesn't want me and therefore I propose a simple solution, which is for them to pay me what I am owed to that day.

"The club's response is for me to renounce part of what I'm owed and what I've worked. I believe it's beneath one's dignity. Then they request to monitor what I say regarding the situation and that is not something that I'm prepared to accept.

"No one is going to take away my freedom of speech. I told the club I wanted to continue, to allow me to return to work, that I have done nothing wrong to be suspended. The response by the club was to send me the letter of dismissal."

The former Real Madrid player said the support he has received has been overwhelming.

"I have received a lot of support from players, former players, referees, executives, clubs," he said. "I want to thank the RFEF president [Luis Rubiales] for his support in this situation.

"I want to thank my family, which has been a victim of this situation."

Rubiales said last week "the doors of the federation would be open to him" if he were to be sacked.

Sanchez del Amo said he hoped those responsible for posting the video without his consent would be taken to justice.

"I want to thank the police for the work they are doing and the support they have given me to move forward," he said. "My maximum respect. The investigation is ongoing. I have suffered a crime against my privacy.

"This is a very serious matter, not to be treated trivially. These are crimes whose victims reach the point of committing suicide. As I've been informed by police, the main targets are minors and women.

"As I told my children when I sat down with them, I was glad it happened to me and not to them. I hope that this is a lesson to those that have committed a crime against me."

Sanchez del Amo also said he hoped his decision would help others in similar situations to seek help from police.

"I decided not to accept that blackmail, because I would only be promoting these criminals," he said.

"Because of my negative response [to them], I'm in the situation that I am right now. I plead to those that are in a situation like this to go to the police as you don't know how comforting it is."