Tyson/McBride: Round-by-Round

A round-by-round account of Kevin McBride's victory over Mike Tyson (50-6, 44 knockouts) in a heavyweight bout Saturday night at the MCI Center in Washington. McBride improved to 33-4-1, 27 KOs.

In the undercard, the Sharmba Mitchell-Chris Smith welterweight bout was stopped at 16 seconds of the fifth round. Turning to the scorecards, Mitchell earned a unanimous decision to improve to 56-4.

Laila Ali defended her WIBA and WBC women's super middleweight belts with a third-round TKO of Erin Toughill.

Round 1

McBride comes out throwing the first punches as both fighters take measure of each other. The taller McBride is able to keep his distance, throwing a diet of lefts. Tyson gets in several body shots in the final minute of the round. Neither fighter is in any real danger.
ESPN.com scores it: Tyson 10-9

Round 2

McBride continues to stick to his game plan, consistently throwing punches to keep Tyson at bay. When the two fighters clinch, McBride looks to lean on Tyson. Tyson is warned for a low blow, which does not hurt McBride. McBride fires punches one at a time, rather than putting together combinations. Tyson throws wide hooks that fail to hit McBride.
ESPN.com scores it: McBride 10-9

Round 3

Tyson quickly fires two shots at McBride but does not faze him. McBride relies on leaning on Tyson to wear him down. But Tyson gets off a number of effective punches and continues to score at will. Tyson finishes the round with a body shot.
ESPN.com scores it: Tyson 10-9

Round 4

Tyson opens the fourth with a hard right, but McBride ties him up to prevent further damage. Tyson launches a left uppercut and is beginning to get through McBride's defenses. Tyson scores again with a right to the head and a left to the body. His short left hook has been peppering McBride throughout the fight. To McBride's credit, at 271 pounds, he withstands the assault. The round ends with McBride tying Tyson up, getting in two quick rights.
ESPN.com scores it: Tyson 10-9

Round 5

The bout enters "uncharted territory" as both fighters slug it out. Even though Tyson is winning the fight on the cards at this point (one judge on the televised bout scores it 38-38 at this point), the fight appears even. Neither fighter appears hurt. McBride consistently has thrown his punches, and Tyson is beginning to tire. McBride scores on a right uppercut that snaps Tyson's head back. McBride presses the attack, scoring more rights. Tyson survives the round.
ESPN.com scores it: McBride 10-9

Round 6

Tyson comes out swinging. Again, McBride ties him up, and Tyson is warned as McBride winces while holding his left arm. Tyson receives a two-point deduction for an intentional head butt that opens a cut over McBride's left eye. The fight becomes spirited as Tyson is fighting with a deduction and is at risk of losing the round. McBride gamely stands tall. Tyson lands with a right, but McBride counters with a flurry. McBride leans on Tyson to the point where Tyson falls to the floor, but it is not scored a knockdown as the round ends.
ESPN.com scores it: McBride 9-8

Tyson quits on his stool before the seventh round begins. McBride wins by TKO.