Meet Phillies prospect Domonic Brown 

October, 21, 2009
It doesn't take long to see the reasons the Philadelphia Phillies were reluctant to give up outfielder Domonic Brown in a deal for Roy Halladay at the trade deadline, especially when they could get Cliff Lee without having to part with Brown.

Brown is still very much in development at this point and not a polished prospect, but his athletic skills and tools have been on full display, and it's not difficult to project him turning those tools into baseball skills that will make him an impact player at the big league level.

Domonic (formerly Dominic, and more on that in a moment) was a 20th-round pick in the 2006 draft whom the Phillies signed for $200,000. They were able to get him because although he originally had planned to go to Miami on a football scholarship, he was having issues with his test scores for entry. The Phillies took a chance, and it seems it'll pay off.