Finding pitching value in reserve rounds 

March, 3, 2010
I generally prefer to focus on offense in the reserve rounds, simply because it's easier to find pitching as the season goes along, and I like to stock up on as many quality bats as I can. However, if you're feeling a little shaky about the staff you've put together, you may choose to stock up on a few more arms at the end of the draft.

Here are some of the best pitching options that might be worth taking a chance on for your bench slots in our standard (10-team, 22-man-active) format. It's a mixture of stable veterans, second-year players with growth expectations and high-upside pitchers coming back from injuries.

For the purpose of this exercise, we're looking at players who had an average draft position (ADP) of 221 or later as of the beginning of this week.