Weeks, Westbrook looking healthy, sharp 

March, 22, 2010
In 2009, Rickie Weeks appeared headed for that big season we've been expecting from him for a long time, slugging .517 through the first 37 games. Unfortunately, the injury bug bit Weeks yet again; a torn tendon sheath in his left wrist ended his season.

When I saw Weeks during the first part of camp, part of me wondered whether the wrist was still an issue, as some of that old Gary Sheffield-type bat waggle was missing in his stance. However, it gradually returned, and Weeks has been looking great this spring. He has definitely added some muscle during his time off, yet still looks lean and fast, and has been active on the basepaths this spring. He's also driving the ball to all fields with authority.

Of course, the problem with Weeks is all the time he has missed over the past five seasons, so the question then becomes how much of a chance we want to take on, given his potential and how good he has looked this spring. His average draft position is 206.5 in ESPN standard leagues, and he's not even among the top 15 selected at second base. I can't really argue with that, although I would definitely take him over a few top-15 second basemen, including Placido Polanco. If I managed to scoop up Weeks outside of the top 200, I would be pretty happy, but I would have no problem reaching a round or two before that and taking a chance on him. A sustained run of good health would yield a sustained run of good production.