Latos on track to fantasy stardom 

April, 23, 2010
As I've mentioned numerous times over the past few months, I'm a big fan of the San Diego Padres' Mat Latos, and I felt his struggles in his rookie season actually would turn out to be a good thing. Besides driving down his draft-day price for fantasy owners, I viewed his going through some adversity in the majors after toying with minor league hitters as being beneficial to his development for 2010.

As it turns out, Latos looked at it the same way.

"I was definitely able to take away from the downs last season," said Latos. "Everyone of course loves the ups, but I learned more from the downs, and from when I got hit around a bit. I went back and watched video, and some things would start to click in my head. 'Oh, I wasn't keeping the ball down there, and there's the reason why it wasn't down.' That's the way I learned to understand and tweak my mechanics."