What to make of Garrett Jones? 

April, 30, 2010
When a player seemingly comes out of nowhere, as the Pittsburgh Pirates' Garrett Jones did last season, the problem he faces is one of perception. When you're an older player who has a breakthrough year after getting a reputation as a minor league journeyman, the first prolonged slump leads some to say, "Well, that's what we expected of him all along." They feel their initial perception is ultimately confirmed.

After getting called up at the end of June last year, Jones hit .293 with 21 homers and 10 stolen bases in just 314 at-bats over 82 games, leading the majors with 10 homers in July. Talk about getting an opportunity and taking advantage of it. It was even more astonishing when you consider that the 28-year-old took three years to make it out of rookie ball and six years just to make it to Triple-A, had already been released by two different organizations, and couldn't even catch on with a Japanese team when he tried.