Buy or sell: What to do with Andre Ethier 

May, 18, 2010
Andre Ethier and his fractured pinkie finger landed on the disabled list on Tuesday. While I am certainly not ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell, there have been indications this could be a relatively short stay, and not as serious as the fractured pinkie that has already caused Coco Crisp to miss more than six weeks. Crisp's fracture was bigger and in a worse place, from the base of the finger to the knuckle, as opposed to the tip of the finger, like Ethier's. The Dodgers outfielder said Tuesday that he was told his timetable was "Three to six [weeks]. Or maybe two to four."

Even before the finger injury, I was not advocating Ethier as a sell-high candidate. Sure, his rate of production was certainly going to come down quite a bit from his .392 AVG/.457 OBP/.744 SLG stat line, but he was still going to be a very productive player. Just because his numbers are due to come down doesn't mean he's going to go into the tank and cease being useful.