What's the key to Matt Thornton's success? 

August, 16, 2010
Whether their owners realize it or not, every fantasy team, especially in single-league formats, can use a quality reliever who racks up strikeouts, even if they're not getting saves. And Matt Thornton of the Chicago White Sox fits the mold of what you're looking for.

There's generally overlooked value in middle relievers, and that's why I've been able to make immediate pickups of pitchers such as Alexi Ogando and Kenley Jansen in single-league play, and why I would recommend taking a close look at Tanner Scheppers and Aroldis Chapman (even as relievers with little chance for saves instead of as starting pitchers) when they arrive. If I can't find a starting pitcher that excites me, I don't have any problem plugging in a guy like Ogando in an AL-only league and hoping he puts up a week of 3 2/3 innings, two baserunners allowed, no runs and five strikeouts, like he did last week. It beat running Mitch Talbot out there for a start.