2010 Rule 5 draft: Not much to see here 

December, 9, 2010
There likely won't be any fantasy gems from this year's recently completed Rule 5 draft, especially in the short term. There weren't any Josh Hamiltons, Johan Santanas, Joakim Sorias, Dan Ugglas, or Shane Victorinos drafted this time around, continuing a trend in recent years.

For the most part, the Rule 5 draft is about teams drafting players who could serve as middle-relief arms, situational lefties or bench depth. In recent years, about 20 percent of the Rule 5 draftees have wound up making it with the club that took them. The 2008 Rule 5 draft at least had Everth Cabrera putting up 25 steals for the San Diego Padres and the emergence of Darren O'Day for the Texas Rangers. But last year the most impactful player was Carlos Monasterios, who was hardly stellar after being selected by the New York Mets in the Rule 5 draft and then being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. None of the position players drafted managed to stick last season; as such, only three position players were selected this year.