Cactus League notes: Ervin Santana sharp 

March, 15, 2011
Hello from the Cactus League! I scouted the Mariners-Angels spring tilt Sunday and thought I'd send along a few of my notes:

Ervin Santana looked solid in his four-inning stint Sunday. In fact, his velocity is Opening Day-ready. After Santana eased into things in the first inning, his fastball was sitting 92-94 mph with some arm-side run by the end of his outing and he was throwing his tight low-80s slider well. I did see him throw that new splitter he has been working on a few times, and though his arm speed was OK, the pitch lacked action; it looked more like a changeup. That said, Santana makes his living by setting hitters up for his slider, so anything that keeps hitters off of it or gives them a different look can help if he continues to develop a feel for the pitch, especially considering that his changeup has been a below-average pitch.