Clipboard: How good is David Cooper? 

May, 2, 2011
At the beginning of the 2011 season, Toronto Blue Jays first baseman David Cooper was not on our radar screen for a quick call-up, and there was a significant chance he wouldn't get one at all. However, when the team reached into its system last week to grab another bat, Cooper got the call over Brett Lawrie and Eric Thames, both of whom still have things to work on in their development at Triple-A despite their good numbers thus far.

Cooper, who is 24, had a good spring training and was putting up good numbers in Triple-A, as well, hitting .395 in 20 games, with almost half of his hits going for extra bases, and walking more times than struck out. Also, the lefty slugger had hit lefty and righty pitchers well since coming to camp. Just as encouraging: It appears Cooper will get the chance to play regularly. "We wouldn't bring him here to sit on the bench," Blue Jays manager John Farrell told the team website.