Javier Aquino gets the call 

November, 10, 2011

QUERETARO, Mexico -- In the span of a 4 minute, 3 second interview during press day for the Mexican national team in anticipation of their match on Friday with Serbia, right winger Javier Aquino sheepishly attempted to get up from his chair several times in the hopes of quickly ending interviews he seemed unprepared to handle.

But the questions continued and the shy, introverted 21-year-old Aquino from Oaxaca politely answered them all, but with each word he appeared to wish the whole experience was over.

"I'm thrilled to have gotten this opportunity," Aquino said. "A lot of good things have happened for me. I have to take advantage of this so that I can keep moving forward."

In his young career, Aquino had never been one to get much attention. Lucky to have been on a Cruz Azul team with several Mexican national team stars, Aquino was never the most sought after player and he was not considered to be a big part of the team's success. He was a prospect, but an unproven one.

Then along came the summer of 2011 and Aquino thrust himself onto the national scene. He was one of the few bright spots on Mexico's under-23 Copa America squad, though he was overshadowed anyway by the suspension of several players from the team for soliciting prostitutes.

Aquino's true breakout came in a standout performance at the recent Pan American Games, where he helped Mexico win the gold medal. Less than a month after his breakout tournament, Aquino was surprisingly summoned by Mexican manager Jose Manuel de la Torre to be part of the senior squad that faces Serbia. Since de la Torre has been reluctant to call up players from the youth teams, Aquino must have certainly made an impression in order to get the call up.