Barrera and Juarez' Zaragoza nightmare 

January, 17, 2012

On Saturday evening, prior to Real Zaragoza's La Liga match against Getafe, more than 10,000 fans gathered outside of the team's stadium, La Romareda, to protest the reign of team president Agapito Iglesias. Since his takeover of the team in 2006, Iglesias has been a disliked figure, but in the last couple of years, fan's ire has reached an uncompromising boiling point.

At the 32 minute mark of the game -- a time picked to coincide with the team's founding in the year 1932 -- fans whistled derisively at the owner's box. (Iglesias knew this protest was coming and did not attend the match.)

Iglesias' management of the team -- or mismanagement according to fans -- has put the team in a precarious position: on the brink of bankruptcy and the verge of relegation. Though Iglesias denies it, there are rumors that several of the team's assets will have to be liquidated in order to keep up with the team's debts. And right in the crosshairs of all of this is former El Tri coach Javier Aguirre, as well as current Mexican national teamers Pablo Barrera (a winger) and Efrain Juarez (right back).