Mexico's three biggest weaknesses 

March, 12, 2013

General opinion suggests that Mexican soccer is on the rise and that El Tri is on an unstoppable march to joining the elite group of nations in world soccer.

U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann is one of those who heaps praise on El Tri at every opportunity, but behind the Germany legend's pleasant rhetoric may be some mind games: He also knows El Tri has weaknesses, and he has a win and a draw in his two games as U.S. boss against his southern rival.

Ahead of the team's World Cup qualification matches at Honduras and then in the Azteca against the U.S., we put three of El Tri's major weaknesses under the microscope.

Issue: Breaking through the parked bus

The fact that so many teams are "parking the bus" against Mexico highlights how much respect El Tri now has in CONCACAF. Any result against the region's undisputed No. 1 side is now one worth celebrating, and teams don't want to risk getting overrun.

Tom Marshall