Could Chepo de la Torre be replaced? 

March, 14, 2013

It's virtually unthinkable at the moment. In the past three years, El Tri has reclaimed regional dominance from the USA in the Gold Cup, won their first Olympic gold medal in over 80 years and generated possibly the best crop of young players in recent memory. And all that momentum could be shattered in 180 minutes.

Think it's far-fetched? Let's picture Mexico languishing in the bottom part of the Hexagonal table after three matches, with a draw to Jamaica and losses to Honduras in San Pedro Sula and the United States at the Estadio Azteca. That second result would most likely spell the end for Jose Manuel de la Torre as Mexican national team manager. The decision to remove Chepo would perhaps be unjust, spurred on more so by whom Mexico lost to and not why they lost in the first place. But that doesn't mean it wouldn't happen.

Eric Gomez