Five potential call-ups for El Tri 

March, 28, 2013

The Mexican national team has the same amount of points it had at this juncture in the last hexagonal, back in 2009. The situation, while not particularly as worrying as it was four years ago under Sven-Goran Eriksson, is still rightfully the main talking point of every football TV show, on the cover of every sports newspaper and on the lips of every radio host in the country.

New ideas need to be ushered in come early June, when Mexico takes on Jamaica before departing to Brazil for the Confederations Cup. Problematic areas on the pitch include both defensive and offensive spots, meaning the men in charge of El Tri will need to do some soul searching before producing their next roster. Carlos Vela won't be asked back, according to the coaching staff. The Real Sociedad striker will have to petition his way back, something that doesn't seem likely anytime soon. However, a successful youth program and a league with increasing talent means there are plenty of options available.

Here are five call-ups Jose Manuel de la Torre and his assistants should consider for June.

1. Marco Fabian, MF (Chivas)

Fabian is an easy pick, when he's healthy. He has already toyed with various European suitors, who have had to call off their dogs thanks to Chivas owner Jorge Vergara's maddening tactics when it comes to selling his young stars abroad. A knock on the attacking midfielder is the fact that when he's been asked to carry a team at the national level, he's rarely been able to fulfill the job.

Eric Gomez