Richard Sanchez has a bright future 

April, 12, 2012

For El Tri fans, news that a young prospect is being scouted by a top international club has become a little passÚ. With the Dos Santos brothers passing through Barcelona, Chicharito at Man U and Ulises Davila at Chelsea, the top tier European clubs have been after Mexican players for some time.

But it's probably a little more interesting to hear that Chelsea has some serious interest in a young Mexican goalkeeper. With apologies to Jorge Campos and the like, while El Tri has always had solid netminders, it's never really had a premier-level international goalkeeper to call its own.

If Richard Sanchez continues on his current course, he'll change all that.

Brent Latham is a soccer commentator who covers the youth national teams for Based in Guatemala, he has attended youth World Cups from Peru to Egypt, and places in between.