The power of the press 

June, 7, 2010

It's finally here. Game week. And as we settle in for what will certainly end up being the most hyped game in U.S. soccer history, fans from Portland to Portland are speculating about every aspect of the match against England.

Who starts up top? Is Oguchi Onyewu ready to go? And for the love of Pele, when will Jose Torres be handed the keys to Bob Bradley's midfield? We'll dive into some of these topics -- and many others -- as the week progresses. But you have to admit, some of the agonizing over lineups and formations already feels like overkill, right?

Well, it could be worse. You could live in England.

Luke Cyphers is a former senior writer for ESPN The Magazine.
Doug McIntyre is a staff writer for ESPN The Magazine. He has covered American and international soccer since 2002.