Figuring out the 2011 Gold Cup roster 

September, 29, 2010

Every once in a while, we decide to throw reporting and reasoned analysis to the wind, and be what we are: an honest-to-goodness U.S. soccer blog. And that means taking time for wild speculation. Sure, the next big tournament for the Americans isn't until the summer of 2011, but that won't stop us from presenting for your edification, and argumentation, the blog's first-ever U.S. National Team Gold Cup Challenge.

What's the challenge? Picking the 23-man roster for the Gold Cup.

Why? Because we thought it would be fun. Also, because the Gold Cup is a hugely important competition. It provides a chance for CONCACAF bragging rights, the potential for a monster matchup with Mexico (perhaps the only meaningful one you'll see for years), and most important, an opportunity to qualify for the 2013 Confederations Cup.

Luke Cyphers is a former senior writer for ESPN The Magazine.
Doug McIntyre is a staff writer for ESPN The Magazine. He has covered American and international soccer since 2002.