Mailbag: Discussing Freddy Adu's future 

September, 14, 2011

The U.S. national team blog is nothing if not secure in its own bloghood, and up 'til now we've resisted a device that all the cool blogs use, like Bill Simmons and Glenn Beck: the mailbag. No, for two years now, we've run this trusty ship like Gadhafi pretty much without paying attention to your questions or comments.

But as we said, we are secure and have decided that you folks deserve what other blog readers deserve -- a chance to have your questions answered. After scouring from our email account and our comment threads in the past few months, we've created the Q-and-A you didn't know you'd asked for. It starts with the your favorite topic:

Q: Freddy Adu scored another goal and added an assist this weekend. Can you guys start to rebuild the hype? -- Brendan

Luke Cyphers is a former senior writer for ESPN The Magazine.
Doug McIntyre is a staff writer for ESPN The Magazine. He has covered American and international soccer since 2002.