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Women’s Bracketology: Louisville moves to No. 1 seed line in latest projection

While South Carolina replaced Stanford at No. 1 overall, Louisville replaced NC State on the No. 1 seed line in ESPN's latest 64-team projection.

Matt Gentry/The Roanoke Times via AP

Why South Carolina is the new No. 1 overall seed

Using the NET ratings, we look at why UConn deserves a top seed and how Louisville leapfrogged NC State.


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Dawn Staley diary: Why South Carolina's players are standing strong in their protest

Staley speaks on why her South Carolina Gamecocks won't stand for the national anthem and her first midseason COVID-19 scare

(AP Photo/Sean Rayford)


Women’s Bracketology: Tennessee jumps another seed line

For the second week in a row, Tennessee moved up a seed line, to a No. 6. Losses from Kentucky, Oregon and Arizona helped Maryland back to a No. 2.

Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire

Biggest surprises of the 2020-21 season

Washington State, Wake Forest and South Carolina's Destanni Henderson are among those turning heads.

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