1000 of the best: Counting down Buddy's top 10 goals

It's been 1000 of the best from Lance Franklin, who has become just the sixth man in VFL/AFL history to kick 1000 goals.

While it's impossible to rank them all from 1000-1, Franklin has wowed us with some of the best goals of all time, and there's no better time than now to count down the 10 best goals of his career.

Without further ado, here are Buddy's best 10 goals.


2012, Round 10 vs. North Melbourne

While the goal itself wasn't strictly exceptional, the moment -- combined with the call from Anthony Hudson -- and the tiny window of opportunity Franklin had to firstly spill the mark, but then recover, turn and snap - all as the siren is going ... it was impossible to not grin like a kid on Christmas. Unless, that is, if you were a North Melbourne fan.

9. From downtown in the Grand Final

2012, Grand Final vs. Sydney

Ultimately it wasn't a Grand Final win, but when Hawthorn needed a spark, Buddy launched a massive bomb from about 70 metres out to keep the contest alive and kicking.

8. Buddy demolishes Port Pt. 1

2014, Round 13 vs. Port Adelaide

The SCG was rocking when Lance Franklin proved to be the difference against the Power in a massive fourth quarter. With nine minutes on the clock and up just one point, Franklin marked on the forward flank, turned and spotted an empty goal square, and launched a monster ball from 70 metres.

7. Buddy demolishes Port Pt. 2

2014, Round 13 vs. Port Adelaide

Minutes later, the very next score, Franklin all but ended the Powers' hopes when he picked up a half volley on the 50, baulked his opponent, ran around another and then kicked an arrow-straight major to put his side up 13 points.

6. The greatest showman

2018, Round 3 vs. GWS

In a classic Sydney derby moment, Franklin gathers the ball at half forward, fends off a Giants player before angling away from the goals, only to let loose from 70 metres and send one home in front of a rapturous SCG crowd.

5. 'Dennis, where are you? I need you right now!'

2017, Round 22 vs. Adelaide

Reminiscent of his effort against Cale Hooker, Franklin sprinted down the broadcast side wing and flank -- perhaps ran too far, but let's not get bogged down into details -- but calmly slotted an absolute peach of a goal with drew both the boos and cheers of Crows fans in attendance.

4. Elimination final winner

2007, Elimination Final vs. Adelaide

The fact that this isn't in the top three is almost criminal. The Hawks, who had been a poor side for the previous six years, were playing their first final since 2001, and it was a 20-year-old Franklin's first September appearance. Quite frankly, Buddy didn't miss; he kicked seven majors including the winner - an absolute ball-burster from 50 with just seconds remaining. Iconic.

3. The prelim dribbler

2011, Preliminary Final vs. Collingwood

Again, it wasn't a winning effort, but the finish from Franklin was class in a low-scoring affair. The ball came into the Hawks' forward line, and being chased by Chris Tarrant, Franklin, running towards the boundary line, sized up a dribbling goal that had the stands shaking. The Hawks took the lead with just a couple of minutes left, but were undone not long after by a Luke Ball snap.

2. The hurdle

2013, Round 3 vs. Collingwood

Audacious, arrogant, confident - call it what you like, but Buddy's dash through the midfield to cap off one of the fastest coast-to-coast goals we've seen was just remarkable. The hurdle at full pace, the athleticism, the 70-metre kick - it was peak Franklin.

1. Cale Hooker gets beaten ... again

2010, Round 13 vs. Essendon

How could it not be this? Minutes after wowing the MCG and kicking arguably the goal of the year running down the wing, Franklin did it AGAIN in the same quarter. Poor Cale Hooker was no match for Franklin, who gathered the ball on the wing, bounced his was along the boundary line, and slotted an incredible goal that broke the game open. The goal was so iconic, a couple of years back, we commemorated the 10-year anniversary of the goal with an epic oral history of what unfolded that night.