Ranking every AFL after-the-siren winning goal since 2000

Since the turn of the millennium, there have been 30 after-the-siren goals kicked which have won the game. We've ranked them -- taking into account shot difficulty, context of the match, conditions, commentary, watchability and more to determine which clutch kick rules them all.

We've only included goals that won the match, so no behinds to win (sorry Jimmy Bartel), no goals to draw, or any other quirks. And let's be clear: every after-the-siren winner is epic, regardless of the final rating.

We'll update this story as the after-the-siren winners roll in, so make sure you check back after every clutch moment to see where it rates.

30. Barry Hall, Sydney def. Brisbane, 2005

Scores were tied when Barry Hall was awarded a free kick directly in front of goal in Round 3 of 2005, so even a behind would have been good enough for the Swans. The big man would salute for the Swans, who defeated the previous year's grand finalists by six points, after being down by 19 earlier in the last term. Was the free kick a bit touchy? Maybe, but it was there. A tad anticlimactic, but still an after-the-siren winner! As an aside, how good was Channel 10's count up clock? Drama to the last second.

29. Peter Burgoyne, Port Adelaide def. Carlton, 2000

He needed two bites of the cherry after the Power were able to secure a much-needed rapid centre clearance, but Peter Burgoyne's mark and goal from 30 metres out directly in front delivered Port Adelaide's first after-the-siren winner - in front of the home fans, no less!

28. Jeremy McGovern, West Coast def. Port Adelaide, 2018

In a case of deja vu after Luke Shuey sunk Port Adelaide hearts fewer than 12 months earlier, star defender Jeremy McGovern was swung forward in the dying stages of this mouth-watering contest, and the move paid dividends. Scott Lycett hacked out a kick from a stoppage to give the Eagles one last surge, where the All-Australian marked the forward 50 entry unimpeded and coolly went back and goaled to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

27. Zac Bailey, Brisbane def. Collingwood, 2021

One week after controversially being denied a potentially match-winning free kick against Geelong, Zac Bailey was able to get sweet redemption. Brisbane somehow managed to get Daniel Rich in an acre of space in the middle of the ground, and he was easily able to hit Bailey 40 metres out directly in front. The Lions forward made no mistake, slotting the goal to cap a wild eight days for the Lions.

26. Nic Naitanui, West Coast def. North Melbourne, 2013

The kick might not have been anything spectacular -- he was just 15 metres out, after all -- but Naitanui's mark and then subsequent celebration was epic. Down four points with 30 seconds remaining, Naitanui came from six deep to take a stunning pack mark to line up after the siren. The big man saluted, and then went on a victory lap, celebrating with the crowd.

25. Ben Dixon, Hawthorn def. Carlton, 2001

Pulling in a strong pack mark after Carlton fluffed an easy opportunity to exit their defensive half, Ben Dixon's kick at goal wasn't the most difficult shot, but the scenes after really make this one. If you watch closely, a fan jumps the fence to join in the celebrations for a while before players and security realise what happened!

24. Jared Poulton, Port Adelaide def. Sydney, 2002

Things looked dire for the Power after Sydney kicked a goal to take the lead with just 27 seconds remaining, but it took Port Adelaide all of about seven seconds to clear the ball from the centre and find Jared Poulton in space 40 metres out on the slightest of angles. He nailed the winner after the siren, breaking hearts at an SCG which was absolutely rocking not a minute earlier.

23. Zach Tuohy, Geelong def. Melbourne, 2018

Melbourne looked to be in an unlosable position; with just 25 seconds left, the ball was locked in their forward 50, but after a rapid passage of play involving Geelong prime movers Gary Ablett, Tom Stewart, Daniel Menzel, Tom Hawkins, and Mitch Duncan, the ball ended up with one of the Cats' most reliable kicks - Zach Tuohy. From around 40 metres out straight in front, he saluted wonderfully.

22. Jeff Farmer, Fremantle def. Melbourne, 2002

Is there anything sweeter than kicking a goal against your old club to win the match? How about kicking two in two minutes against your old club to win the match! Under lights at Subiaco, a win looked unlikely for the Dockers with time running out, but with just TWO seconds left, Jeff Farmer was pushed in the back, giving him the shot at glory. He delivered, and in doing so, broke the hearts of Dees fans everywhere.

21. Daryn Cresswell, Sydney def. North Melbourne, 2002

This one's spicy, and may not have even occurred had the controlling umpire not happened to see Shannon Motlop hit Daryn Creswell high off the ball at a stoppage. Unluckily for North, the ump did see it, and Cresswell coolly slotted the kick from a difficult angle. Controversial, yes, but the scenes after he kicked the winner were worth it.

20. Jordan McMahon, Richmond def. Melbourne, 2009

One of the more bizarre after-the-siren winners given both teams were jockeying for bottom spot on the ladder and the No. 1 draft pick. Many Tigers fans didn't want McMahon to kick the goal (a behind would have resulted in a one-point loss), but he converted, the Tigers would finish second from the bottom, and after Melbourne used pick No. 1 on Tom Scully and pick No. 2 on Jackson Trengove, the Tigers would draft someone called Dustin Martin with the third overall pick...

19. Gary Rohan, Geelong def. Western Bulldogs, 2021

One of only two people to feature on this list twice, Gary Rohan has kicked winners for both Sydney and Geelong, with his winner for the Cats coming from the pocket late against the Bulldogs at GMHBA Stadium in 2002. Not an easy kick by any means, Rohan floated the ball out to the right before it drifted left, delivering the Cats a five-point win. Compared to some others on this list, there may have been slightly less pressure, as even a behind would have netted Geelong two points for a draw.

18. Chris Tarrant, Collingwood def. Adelaide, 2003

With 31 and a half minutes gone in the final term, there were just seconds left when Chris Tarrant marked 35 out at AAMI Stadium against the Crows. Yes, a behind would have been enough for a draw, but the fact no one in the stadium except the umpire knew whether the ball had sailed through the big sticks or not for a good three seconds of drama just added to the occasion!

17. Noah Anderson, Gold Coast def. Richmond, 2022

After kicking the winner against the Tigers, Anderson told reporters that he'd missed a similar chance to win a match at the end of an Under-8s game. He wasn't missing this time. Anderson marked 35m from goal on a slight angle and booted it through to cap off a SEVEN-goal comeback against Richmond and provide Metricon Stadium with its greatest ever AFL moment.

16. David Mundy, Fremantle def. Richmond, 2017

Widely regarded as one of the league's most clutch players, David Mundy got his moment at the MCG in 2017. With the Dockers needing a goal to win and just 15 seconds remaining, Lachie Neale stormed out of the centre square and hit Mundy on the chest, 35m out on a 45 degree angle. Mundy made no mistake, sinking the Tigers for the second time in as many seasons.

15. Peter Riccardi, Geelong def. Carlton, 2002

Talk about drama! Carlton trailed by 37 points at three-quarter time but stormed back to take the lead with less than a minute on the clock - with the help of a controversial 50 metre penalty. With the ball in the middle, the Cats burst from the stoppage and the ball landed with Riccardi who had to kick from outside 50 - and a behind wouldn't have been good enough! Riccardi went back, got close to the man on the mark (Carlton's Simon Wiggins was certain it was touched), and wobbled it through. If the ARC had been around in 2002, that might have been called a behind...

14. Dan Houston, Port Adelaide def. Essendon, 2023

How many players could have kicked that ball 58 metres as Houston did? Okay, now, how many would kick it, in greasy conditions AND after the siren to win it?! Not many. And there's no one Port fans would have been happier to see with the ball in their hand than Dan Houston. The kick was a beauty, the drama on the goal line added to the ocassion, and the goal umpire nailed the call under immense pressure (both mental and physical)! Well done to all involved, it's a ripping after-the-siren winner.

13. Justin Longmuir, Fremantle def. St Kilda, 2005

The rolled up long sleeves. The celebration with the crowd. The purple haze. Fremanltle needed a win to keep their finals hopes alive, and in the last 30 seconds of Friday night football, a lot happened. Frankie Peckett was run down in possession with the clock running down, and Luke McPharlin's long bomb into the forward line was plucked from three deep by Justin Longmuir. With a lot of pressure on his shoulder, he calmly slotted the winner and promptly went and hugged just about everyone at Subiaco.

12. Robbie Gray, Port Adelaide def. Carlton, 2020

"Robbie Great!" It seemed as if every single one of Gray's Port Adelaide teammates had a chance to win the game against the Blues, yet they continued to miss. But with a few seconds to spare Sam Mayes emerged from the pack and hit Gray on the chest in the pocket. Robbie went back and split the middle from a tough spot in the Gabba pocket.

11. Karmichael Hunt, Gold Coast def. Richmond, 2012

This is one which truly resembled a Hollywood script. It was Round 16 of 2012 and the Suns were still winless but a fast start against the Tigers had them in a winning position midway through the third term. Richmond would peg them back to eventually lead by four points, only for the ball to land in Karmichael Hunt's lap with seconds to spare. The ex-rugby league star split the middle after the siren had sounded to earn a famous win.

10. Barry Hall, St Kilda def. Hawthorn, 2001

"He's kicked the goal! The Saints have broken the drought!" Barry Hall's after-the-bell goal against the Hawks, who had cemented their spot in the finals, meant a lot for the lowly Saints given it was their first win since the sacking of Malcolm Blight. The circumstances were incredible, with Stephen Milne snapping from the pocket late in the game and almost putting through the most miracle of shots as the ball hit the post. the Hawks couldn't exit their back 50 from the resulting kick in, and seconds later, Milne found Hall, who marked 35 metres out and calmly converted to give the Saints their only lead of the night!

9. Gary Rohan, Sydney def. Essendon, 2017

Yes, it's the easiest kick of any on this list but the final two minutes was enough for this moment to crack our top 10. The Swans were dead and buried down by 19 points, yet somehow booted three goals in three minutes to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Rohan's mark in the goal square leading to celebrations as the siren sounded, and the goal hadn't yet been kicked. And how about John Longmire's shocked face in the box!

8. Jordan Dawson, Adelaide def. Port Adelaide, 2022

New club. First Showdown. Goal after the siren. What a way for Jordan Dawson to begin life as a Crow. Dawson, renowned as one of the competition's best long kicks, put his hand up to take the shot after the siren after Lachlan Murphy had been taken high and forced to be taken from the ground. Dawson stepped up and looked to have missed the shot from the left pocket before the ball swung back late and through the big posts.

7. Max Gawn, Melbourne def. Geelong, 2021

It was perhaps fitting that Gawn would take the shot after the siren against the Cats. Gawn had a chance to beat Geelong late at the MCG in the previous season but fluffed his lines and the Cats hung on. This time, at GMHBA Stadium, a determined Gawn guided the ball home to cap a stunning seven goal comeback and, most importantly, secure top spot on the AFL ladder. Unreal.

6. Luke Shuey, West Coast def. Port Adelaide, 2017

The only after-the-siren goal on this list which occurred in a final and extra-time of a final, no less. Shuey received a trademark high contact free in the dying seconds against Port Adelaide at the Adelaide Oval, went back and slotted to break hearts all across the festival state and send his Eagles into the semifinals. Clutch.

5. Sam Lloyd, Richmond def. Sydney, 2016

"Lllllllloyd's gunna have a kick ... after the siren," exclaimed Brian Taylor after Sam Lloyd had taken a mark 45m out on a 45 degree angle at the MCG in 2016. The Tigers were riding a six-game losing streak and copping enormous flak in the media for a spate of underwhelming performances. But Lloyd's mark with seconds to spare against Sydney could bring them a famous win if he kicked truly ... and he did, sparking perhaps the greatest after-the-siren scenes we can remember.

4. Tom Hawkins, Geelong def. Hawthorn, 2012

"The Cat is still on the back!" It was utter heartbreak for Hawthorn fans, who has seen their side lose to the Cats in eight straight leading into this Round 19 clash. In fact, the Cats had already pipped the Hawks earlier that season, by just two points in Round 2, and it was deja vu on deja vu on deja vu as Geelong, trailing, transitioned from defence with a few seconds remaining - giving Tom Hawkins the chance to keep the Kennett Curse alive after time had expired. From 55, Hawkins saluted with his sixth for the game, sending the MCG into raptures.

3. Jamie Elliott, Collingwood def. Essendon, 2022

Let's be honest, there would have been Collingwood fans heading for the aisles when Harry Jones was paid a free kick in front of goal with just one minute remaining. Let's be even more honest, he probably shouldn't have even had a shot, and just looked to chip it around for a few more seconds! What happened after he hit the post was something out of a movie. The ever-reliable Scott Pendlebury hit up Darcy Moore with a short kick in, who took off and found Trent Bianco in a paddock on the wing, and he then drove the ball into the forward line where Jamie Elliott marked between two lunging Bombers defenders. Even then, a goal was improbable, with Elliott on the fence about 45 from home. With 72,000 in the stands, he struck the ball gloriously, and it sailed through, icing an incredible comeback to give Collingwood a ninth straight victory. Holy hell!

2. Jack Newnes, Carlton def. Fremantle, 2020

This is without a doubt the hardest shot on this list. The scores were 34-36 with seconds remaining in the fourth term, and with rain pouring down and a cameraman in his way, Jack Newnes launched the best kick at goal one could possibly muster. As commentator James Brayshaw screamed - Newnes really did strike it beautifully, scoring just the 10th goal for the match, and one of the best the league has ever seen. Combine the kick with the drama of the late downfield free kick, and the fact that Carlton had been on the receiving end of an after-the-siren winner just weeks earlier, and it was truly an incredible moment.

1. Ash McGrath, Brisbane def. Geelong, 2013

Yes, a behind would have drawn the match, and yes, he was directly in front, but surely the Miracle on Grass is the best goal after the siren winner? The Lions had been 52 (yes, FIFTY-TWO) points down to the Cats (who finished second on the ladder that year by four points and 0.1%...) while the Lions were a mid-table team at best. Add in the transition from the last line of defence with literally 17 second left in the game, and the fact that Jed Adcock was on the ground in the middle of the ground with six seconds remaining, AND that it was Ash Mcgrath's 200th game? Improbable doesn't even begin to describe it.