Former Crow Jenkins reveals harrowing details from preseason camp

Former Adelaide forward Josh Jenkins has backed up Eddie Betts' accounts of the Crows' infamous camp, claiming a report about the welfare of players was buried.

Jenkins, who played 147 AFL games for Adelaide before retiring last year after a stint with Geelong, has shared his experiences of the Crows' pre-season trip to the Gold Coast in 2018 following Betts' revelations in his autobiography.

He said club doctor Marc Cesana had written a "damning" report based on what players told him had happened at the camp

"What I am about to say, and what Eddie Betts has stated in his book, has been four years in the making," Jenkins read out in a statement on SEN on Friday.

"No one has ever acted on that report, which I know is damning.

"The report must see the light of day.

"It's the only example of a medical professional who had day-to-day dealings with the people and the players involved.

"I recall, during one meeting, our doctor expressed in front of the entire playing group and most the staff that what occurred on then camp was totally unacceptable - and I know the report captures that."

Jenkins claimed personal and sensitive information about his upbringing was used against him by the leaders of the camp.

He also said wife remained "devastated" and "furious" about how their time in Adelaide ended.

"I specifically asked for assurance that nothing regarding my childhood would be raised or used on the camp to spur me on or to break you down," Jenkins said.

"It is my belief that this promise was broken, and I'm not certain that I'll ever forgive the individuals involved for that.

"Post the camp, the club completely fell apart.

"It's the worst idea I've ever witnessed or been a part of in my adult life."