Swans 'buggered up' Grand Final says John Longmire

Sydney "buggered" everything up in their nightmare AFL Grand Final, coach John Longmire says.

The Swans were belted by 81 points by Geelong, with Longmire saying his club got nothing right - from selection to mindset to performance.

Longmire admitted picking veteran forward Sam Reid was a mistake and said his players were mentally and physically overawed in a defeat that will be hard to digest.

Sydney punted -- and lost -- on Reid's fitness, with the 30-year-old battling a groin injury suffered in the preliminary final.

The key forward was substituted out of the Grand Final early in the third term after hobbling off late in the second quarter after having just four handballs.

"We were obviously confident, that is why we picked him," Longmire said.

"But we made a mistake."

On-field blunders followed with Longmire lamenting Sydney's lame display from go to whoa.

"From the first bounce, the game looked as foreign as what we have played it this year," he said.

"There was no element that we got right.

"No aspect of the game looked like the way we wanted to play it ... from the selection of Sam to the way the game looked, we just didn't get it right."

Asked if his team was overwhelmed by the occasion, Longmire replied, "That is what it looked like".

"We just didn't have our heads in the game from the very start.

"When they were getting defensive stoppage goals in the first quarter that we had planned for and done well before - it was one of our great strengths and they were able to do it.

"We weren't able to think clearly or perform at that level that we should have.

"They had 11 (scoring) shots to one in the first quarter which wasn't a good start.

"And some of the things we started with, you look for our structural stuff, our intent in scramble, our shape - normally we have got a very distinct way and we will look back on this and reflect and it won't look anything like it."

Longmire said the Swans had let down themselves and their supporters.

"Everyone wants a black and white answer, it was this or it was that," he said.

"There's never one thing. It's always just a number of different things and we will look at the reasons why.

"But I am confident that our playing group, they're a really good group and we have had some wonderful achievements and taken some real steps forward as a footy team, most of our players would have improved this year.

"We have just buggered it up today."