Swans play AFL draft antagonist for rivals

Sydney have struck again and proved themselves the antagonists in this year's AFL draft by snatching Cooper Vickery from Hawthorn.

The Swans used pick 27, which they picked up in a trade with the Hawks on Monday night, to recruit Vickery on Tuesday in the second round of the draft.

Vickery was a Hawthorn next generation academy player, but under AFL rules he could be recruited by rival clubs until pick 40.

The well-organised Swans had struck again, the night after ruffling the feathers of cross-town rivals GWS.

Giants recruiting manager Adrian Caruso did not hide his frustration when the Swans called out Harry Rowston's name at pick No.16.

He was a Giants academy prospect and the Giants wanted to use their No.17 pick on another player, saving Rowston until later in the draft.

But Sydney's bid meant GWS had no choice but to match them.

It also later emerged the Swans rang the Giants in the minutes before pick 16 and tried to strike a deal that would have meant they did not call out Rowston.

Sydney recruiter Simon Dalrymple said they were genuinely committed to recruiting Rowston if possible.

"We rated him and we were disappointed we didn't get him," Dalrymple said.

"Really, the club is pretty irrelevant, it's the player and where we rate him."

Caruso laughed off the media interest in his obvious reaction during the live TV draft broadcast to the Sydney bid for Rowston.

He said earlier on Monday they had decided already not to accept any offers for Rowston.

"I'm glad I could give everyone a story on the back of last night's events," he said.

"Ultimately, it played out the way it did ... that's the draft, it doesn't pan out the way you want.

"I know when my head hit the pillow last night, I know I was happy we did the right thing.

"They wanted to try and get something out of us ... that we'd bite. We just weren't prepared to do it."

Having stymied GWS, the Swans were not yet done.

Sydney then bid on Adelaide prospect Max Michalanney, the son of Norwood great Jim Michalanney, with the Crows quickly matching the bid for the defender at pick No.17.

Dalrymple said they rated Rowston among the top 12 talents in this year's draft pool.

They also recruited Jacob Konstanty on Monday night at pick 20.

"It was busy because we were organised," Dalrymple said.

"We're very thrilled to get three boys that we had rated in the top 20 with our picks."