AFL tweaks standing the mark rules

Players will no longer receive a 50-metre penalty by faking a handball to fool an opponent standing the mark, the AFL says.

Three rule changes have been confirmed for the upcoming AFL season, including two to the man-on-the-mark laws.

Clubs believed the penalty for breaking the mark when a player had faked a handball was too harsh.

The rule has been tweaked to ensure no 50-metre penalties are awarded for such incidents, with the mark to be reset instead.

If a player faking a handball steps off their line, umpires will now call play-on to deter such acts.

The other change to the standing-the-mark rule relates to the five-metre protected area.

When a player is penalised for giving away a free kick or loses a marking contest, they must stand the mark or immediately leave the protected area.

Meanwhile, players will receive a warning after 25 seconds of their set-shot, instead of at 15 seconds.

Players are allowed 30 seconds to start their set-shot approach.