Kangaroos president diagnosed with breast cancer

North Melbourne president Sonja Hood is expected to make a full recovery after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

In a club statement on Friday, the Kangaroos said a lump was detected during a scheduled mammogram and a subsequent biopsy determined it would need to be removed.

Hood will undergo surgery in the coming weeks.

"The diagnosis was a bit of a shock after the lump was picked up in a routine mammogram -- one that I nearly skipped," Dr Hood said in a club statement.

"I'm shocked, angry, a bit scared, but more than all of that, I'm positive.

"I know that this is going to be OK. We've caught it early and we're not wasting any time in getting rid of it."

Hood urged others to undergo routine medical checks.

"At worst it's half an hour they'll never get back but you just don't know when it might save a life," Hood said.

Hood's diagnosis comes in a turbulent week for North Melbourne, with utility Tarryn Thomas taking time away from the club following fresh allegations of mistreating women.