Saints still have good NFC South shot

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What do you think the chances are the Detroit Lions trade Ndamukong Suh, since he’s going to be a free agent and has stated that he doesn’t want to return to Detroit?

No reason to do that now, as much as they might be able to get in trade for him. The Lions are tied for first place in the NFC North. Their defense has been playing at a top level -- and Suh has been one of the centerpieces of it. Sure, the Lions might be able to get a premium draft pick back for Suh, but his value would be diminished because he is on an expiring contract, so Detroit wouldn't be able to get back as much. And for whatever the Lions could get back, is it worth sacrificing the success that they are striving for this season? Very likely not.

Was that the nail in the coffin for the New Orleans Saints' season Sunday, or are they still a serious contender in the NFC?