Intriguing FAs, fits for Michael Vick

Michael Vick could be a potential free-agent fit for the New York Jets. AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Adam Schefter answers readers' questions in his mailbag once a week during the NFL preseason and regular season and sporadically during the playoffs and offseason. Have a query of your own? Submit it here.

Q: What prospects were the most impressive at the NFL combine, Adam? What did you think of Jadeveon Clowney's performance? -- Kyle (Texas)

A: Plenty were impressive, Kyle. I’d start with Pittsburgh DT Aaron Donald. Everyone is talking about Clowney, but what Donald did was just as impressive. At 285 pounds, he clocked the 40-yard dash in a ridiculous 4.65 seconds. That’s incredible. Offensive tackle Greg Robinson also was a freak and solidified his status as the top offensive lineman in this draft. One GM compared Robinson to former Cowboys Hall of Fame offensive lineman Larry Allen. There were a lot of players who stood out, but those two, Donald and Robinson, will be high picks.

Q: What are you hearing on Michael Vick and potential destinations? Do you think he could go to the New York Jets or Minnesota Vikings? -- Jake (Florida)

A: Don’t see the Vikings, Jake, but I could see the Jets. I also would not be surprised if, based on their history, the Buffalo Bills made a run at Vick. They’ve had interest in him before, and he could be an ideal quarterback to bring to camp to compete with EJ Manuel and Thad Lewis. Both have flashed, but neither has proved to be the answer just yet. It will not surprise me if the Bills inquire about Vick at the appropriate time. They’ve always liked him and debated pursuing him in the past, and I could see it now.

Q: How big a deal is the Jim Harbaugh story for the future of the 49ers? Is there a chance he will leave? I feel like that was one of the biggest stories of the combine. -- Ryan (California)

A: Probably was the biggest story of the combine, Ryan. This has been simmering beneath the surface for a while. It’s not as if Harbaugh is leaving now (that would be a major upset), but this situation should be watched. If the 49ers can't extend Harbaugh's contract this offseason, every NFL team that is contemplating a head-coaching change after next season will wonder whether it can pry loose Harbaugh from San Francisco. But it’s up to the 49ers to show this offseason they want Harbaugh and to sign him to an extension. If he signs, no more questions; if he doesn’t, there are plenty of them.

Q: Adam, could you break down a couple intriguing free agents outside of the big-name guys? Where could Alterraun Verner go? -- Pat (Utah)

A: Any team that needs a cornerback, Pat. And just about every team in the league needs one. The Browns want one. The Dolphins need one. The Redskins could use one. The Jaguars could use one. Plus, if the Patriots lose Aqib Talib or the Broncos lose Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in free agency, those teams also would need one. As for outside big-name free agents who will command money, watch Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen and Bengals offensive tackle Anthony Collins. I think people will be surprised at the amount of money that Griffen and Collins get. Not too many football fans are familiar with the games of Griffen and Collins, but they’ll hear plenty about them in free agency.