A's need to make Hudson vs. Zito happen; Amaro dismissal reaction

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Headline: Tim Hudson will start for the Giants on Sept. 26 in his former home ballpark in Oakland.

Reaction: I agree completely with what Henry Schulman writes here: The Giants and Athletics need to make a matchup of former teammates Tim Hudson and Barry Zito happen.

Oakland GM Billy Beane explained Thursday why he won't call up Zito.

In what was probably Zito's final pro appearance, he came off the disabled list with a 1-2-3 inning for Triple-A Nashville on Sunday.

"Do you know how much he pitched in the last month? Sixteen pitches in a month. So he threw an inning the other day; it was his first inning," Beane said. "The other thing, too: It's not just a clean transaction where you call up a guy. You've got the 40[-man roster], so you lose a player. All those things are taken into consideration."

Zito told the San Francisco Chronicle last week that he had been informed he wasn't going to be called up, and Beane confirmed that, saying that, after hearing from agent Scott Boras, he had texted Zito.

Really, what it boiled down to was timing. Beane said there was a brief window when Zito, who had a solid season for Nashville, might have been an option, but Chris Bassitt also was at Nashville and pitching well at the time. Bassitt had the benefit of being on the 40-man and very much in the A's future plans.

Then, when the A's had some needs with Kendall Graveman going on the DL, Sonny Gray missing a start and Bassitt getting hurt, Zito was out of action.

"We lost Graveman and Chris very quickly, and that was also the time [Zito] was not pitching," Beane said. "Ironically, he's been so healthy his whole career; he missed the last month."

Look, there are probably many logical reasons why this shouldn't happen. No. 1: Zito isn't really a big league pitcher at this stage in his career; we know this because throughout the long season in which teams were searching for pitching, Zito never emerged with a team other than Oakland. As Beane said, there are 40-man roster considerations, etc.

That said, this needs to happen.