Making sense of Soriano in New York

It's been a while since Alfonso Soriano put on the pinstripes. It appears he will again. Howard Earl Simmons/Getty Images

Here are the reasons the Yankees’ trade for Alfonso Soriano doesn’t make sense:

• He has a .287 on-base percentage.

• He’s limited in the positions he can play, either left field or DH, on a team that already has too many players whose best position might be DH.

• In some respects, he’s not really all that different from Vernon Wells, and the Yankees will face a logjam of DH/OF types almost immediately, after Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson and Derek Jeter come back. (Given that they’ll probably want to use the DH spot for A-Rod and Jeter.)

• His presence may box them in next spring (although Rodriguez will probably face some sort of suspension at the outset of 2014, whatever the length turns out to be.)

Here’s the reason it makes sense:

• Since June 28, Soriano has 10 homers; since June 28, the Yankees have eight.