When baseball changed in Baltimore

Adam Jones has seen losing in Baltimore. He says it all changed with Buck Showalter. ESPN Illustration

August 3rd, 2010 is a day that changed not only my life but changed the culture in Baltimore and even changed Orioles fans. That was the day Buck Showalter was hired.

We had heard so many different things. There was, “He is very detail-oriented" or, "He’s a tireless worker.” And we quickly learned that all of it was very true. The players I talked to ultimately described his demands in a way that I think fits perfectly with the type of player that I am: You have one job to do; come and do your job. And since the day he arrived, I think everybody in this entire organization, top to bottom, has taken a different approach when it comes to baseball.

Showalter gets the biggest ovation of anyone, hands-down, when his name is introduced before the game, because he’s brought resilience, a never-say-die attitude and a winning mentality back to Baltimore. Now our fans are getting to see a resurgence and style of baseball that is reminiscent of the Orioles of the past. I remember myself as a kid, watching the Orioles on TV and, even as they struggled, thinking it would be cool to play in that city. Getting to play here and winning makes a big difference.