HOF voting changes I'd like to see

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s Hall of Fame announcements, everyone from Jayson Stark to Tim Kurkjian to Dan Le Batard (among others) agreed that the Hall of Fame voting system is in disrepair. I thought Jayson did an excellent job of laying out how the current system led to a lot of collateral damage through the fractured process.

Last month, the Baseball Writers' Association of America decided to form a committee to make recommendations on how to fix the system. And that’s all they can be: recommendations. Because the Hall of Fame voting belongs to the Hall of Fame, not the writers.

When the BBWAA committee finishes its work, here are the four points I hope it takes to the Hall.

No. 1: Make a formal offer from the writers to the Hall of Fame for the BBWAA to recuse itself from the voting. An offer, not an outright recusal.

No matter what your perspective is on the PED generation and its Hall of Fame candidates, the balloting has become something of a mess. Maybe you want to blame the voters who cast ballots for the presumed PED users, or maybe you want to blame the hardened majority, or maybe you want to blame the users or the institution of baseball or the Hall of Fame. No matter where your opinion is, its inarguable that it’s become a controversial, convoluted, flawed process.

Think of this as a presidential crisis: When something isn't working, the administration officials involved will usually offer their resignation, because as the saying goes, they serve at the pleasure of the president.