Utley addition gives Mattingly another playing-time conundrum to sort out

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The 2014 season was especially difficult for Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly and his staff because there wasn't enough playing time to satisfy the major league veterans who filled the Dodgers' roster. If Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier played, then Matt Kemp usually sat out, and if Scott Van Slyke played, that meant Crawford or Ethier had to sit, and early in the year, Kemp sat too much for his liking and the situation festered.

With Chase Utley now part of the Dodgers' puzzle for the rest of the season, maybe the Dodgers will be able to work through this dynamic over the last six weeks of the season. But it's also possible that the stockpile of lineup options will become a problem, because while perfect unselfishness is a fine ideal, the fact is Mattingly is now playing musical chairs with a group of highly competitive people and somebody is going to be left out.

Utley's camp conveyed to interested teams that he wanted to know he would get a chance to play the rest of this season, in order to waive his no-trade clause and allow a deal to happen. Only the Dodgers know what promises were made, but Utley needs to play, as he prepares for 2016.

But so does Howie Kendrick, who last we heard could return in mid-September.