Notes, rumors as offseason maneuvering begins

Jonathan Lucroy and Zack Greinke could be two of the many good players available this offseason. Getty Images

As Lorenzo Cain dashes frantically around the bases and the Kansas City Royals win the pennant … as Ben Revere rightly takes out his frustration over a strike call on a trash can … as the New York Mets weigh the weariness level of Jacob deGrom before determining their World Series rotation … other teams have moved on with the business of the offseason.

Some notes from all around MLB:

1. Some evaluators have noted that there will be an enormous volume of very good to great players available this winter, either via free agency or trade, including: Zack Greinke, Jason Heyward, David Price, Alex Gordon, Yoenis Cespedes, Johnny Cueto, Ben Zobrist, Jordan Zimmermann, Justin Upton, Chris Davis, Matt Wieters.

"A lot of these guys will be looking for big contracts," one executive said. "But I don't know if everybody is going to come close to what they're looking for. Some years there aren't a lot of good players available, but that's not going to be the case this winter."

No. And some evaluators believe that the trade market could water down the market, if the likes of Sonny Gray, Yasiel Puig, Andrelton Simmons and others are added to the flood of available players.