MLB Roundup: Will the Dodgers land Brian Dozier?

The Twins don't have to move Brian Dozier now, but it would be a gamble to wait. AP Photo/Jim Mone

The Minnesota Twins are implying that time is running out for a Brian Dozier trade, La Velle Neal writes.

As is the case with the Chicago White Sox and Jose Quintana, the Twins don't have to trade Dozier right now. If they don't get exactly what they want, they can wait and go into spring training with Dozier and glean benefits from the example he sets for other players as well as their ability to sell his names to fans in what will probably be a down year in attendance.

Then, as spring training progresses and the season begins, the Twins can take calls from any contender looking for a second baseman -- and the possible return for him won’t necessarily drop between now and the mid-summer trade deadline, unless he’s hurt. Dozier isn’t eligible for free agency until after the 2018 season, so for any acquiring team, he could impact two pennant races.

But the Twins would be gambling somewhat in keeping Dozier because it’s not a sure thing that a contender needing a second baseman and willing to pay big in prospects would develop.