MLB Roundup: Wil Myers' contract is not as bad as you think

Wil Myers signed a six-year, $83 million deal with the Padres. Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of industry criticism of the San Diego Padres’ signing of Wil Myers to a six-year, $83 million extension, with rival evaluators believing that San Diego may have overpaid for a player without having a longer track record to rely on. Myers has played in more than 88 games in a season once, and while his OPS of .797 in 2016 is the highest in his last three seasons, he ranked an unspectacular 71st among 146 position players.

"And he's a first baseman now," one evaluator said. "It's not hard to find somebody who can hit at first base."

In defense of the Padres, three factors that could have been at play: