Which team will land Jake Peavy?

A multitude of teams are interested in acquiring 32-year-old Jake Peavy at the trade deadline. John Rieger/US Presswire

ATLANTA -- There will be some deals in the next three-plus days before the trade deadline. But the fervor with which teams acted in the last week of July has largely disintegrated, because older players aren't valued and trusted as much as they were, and younger players are valued and trusted so much more.

Jake Peavy is the No. 1 starting pitcher on the market now because while the Phillies are open to listening to offers for Cliff Lee, and the Royals will take your phone call about Ervin Santana, nobody is sure whether Lee or Santana will actually be traded. In Peavy's case, rival executives are confident that the 32-year-old fastball slinger is going to get moved before 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

But it's in keeping with the recent luck of the White Sox that they are dealing a veteran player at the worst possible time to be marketing someone like Peavy, who is under contract through 2014 with a vesting option for 2015.

What the White Sox have indicated to other teams is that they want major league ready pitching in return for Peavy, which, in 2013, is like saying to other folks on a sinking ship that you want to acquire their lifeboat. Teams are not nearly as willing to part with that sort of commodity as they used to be.

Here are most of the teams involved in the Peavy trade talks: