Reds won't play by normal relief rules

New Reds manager Bryan Price, a former pitching coach, has a unique plan for the bullpen. AP Photo/Paul Sancya

This is very, very interesting: New Reds manager Bryan Price -- a longtime pitching coach -- is not going to adhere closely to lefty-righty matchups with his bullpen.

From John Fay’s piece:

“Perhaps the biggest difference between [Dusty] Baker and Price will be how the bullpen is used. Baker, like most other managers, was big on getting left-on-left and right-on-right matchups late in the game.

Price says he won't do that.

"You're going to get some criticism when they don't do the job," he said. "But you don't go out and get Sean Marshall and Jonathan Broxton so they can come in get one left-handed or right-handed hitter out. I feel very strongly about that."

Price knows that this goes against the current thinking.