The many August trade candidates

This trio exists among many players who could still move in the August waiver period. Getty Images

A week ago, a rival executive forecast an elbow injury for Cliff Lee, citing different developing factors the way a meteorologist reads weather conditions. Lee has basically had a career free of arm injuries, the rival exec noted, and has thrown a ton of innings, over 2,000. When Lee complained about a lingering discomfort earlier this season, soon after he went on the disabled list, that was the real red flag. "You watch, he's a Tommy John injury waiting to happen," the exec said. "All the indicators are there."

And sure enough, Lee walked off the mound Thursday night after trying to execute a cutter and gestured toward his elbow, saying he was done. He has visits to doctors in front of him, but Lee's season may well be over, and there's no chance of him being traded with the Phillies owing him $48 million over the next 14 months.

Lee had seemed to be an August candidate for a deal, but that is over. Other players may get traded in August, or at least be discussed in deals as they either clear waivers or get claimed.

Such as these guys