Eleven in baseball at a career crossroads

Dee Gordon is in a position to make the Dodgers look very bad -- or very good -- for trading him. AP Photo/Jayne Kamin-Oncea

Some players will go into 2015 still defining themselves, like the Washington NationalsBryce Harper. Others, like David Ortiz, have cemented their legacies.

But there are folks in the game -- both players and managers -- for whom 2015 will represent a career crossroads, when they’ll move in one distinct direction or another.

Here are 11 of them:

Dee Gordon, 2B, Miami Marlins

His position change at the outset of 2014 paid off in a big way, resulting in a strong first half for Gordon, who made the All-Star team and finished the year with a .289 average and 64 stolen bases. But the new Dodgers’ front office had enough concerns about Gordon’s performance that it made him available in a trade, a classic case of moving a hot stock before an expected fall.

Gordon has a chance in 2015 to make that decision look bad -- or good.