Red Sox succeeding through details

This season Dustin Pedroia has been surrounded by teammates who, like him, are baseball junkies. Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

BOSTON -- Jon Lester was about to wade into the marsh of reporters waiting for him Saturday, after he had shut down the Yankees, when catcher David Ross beckoned him to the side. Ross had been looking for Lester since the game ended, wanting to share a thought with him.

“When you pitch inside to lefties,” Ross said quietly to Lester, “you are unhittable.”

The two of them had made an adjustment in the middle of Lester’s start Saturday, among the many that this particular group of Boston players make game by game, inning by inning, pitch by pitch.

The 2011 Red Sox will forever be remembered as the chicken-and-beer group, and the 2012 Red Sox are bronzed forever for their acumen in dysfunction. But the 2013 Red Sox are constructing a season on the brick and mortar of details, the small things that can be honed or fixed only if the effort is made.