Cano's 3 likeliest non-Yankee suitors

As the Robinson Cano stalemate continues, it's a good time to play the same game that folks in the Yankees' organization are playing.

It's called: If Not Us, Then Who?

Meaning: Who could possibly afford to sign Cano in the same sort of range that Albert Pujols got two winters ago, $240 million over 10 years? The Yankees offered around $160 million in May, the Cano camp asked for a record-setting deal of more than $300 million, and despite recent talks, a massive gap of about $100 million between the two sides probably still exists.

The Yankees ask: If Not Us, Then Who?

In order to go through this exercise, you must suspend any thoughts of team-building logic, because they really don't apply. It's been demonstrated time and again -- through the Yankees' A-Rod deal, through Pujols' contract, and others -- that giving a player in his prime a deal of eight or more years is probably not going to pay off.