Santana, Jimenez may end up staying put

The most frequently asked questions at last week’s winter meetings:

1. Do you know where I can get some coffee?

2. Who were the agents who fought in the parking lot?

3. Are any moves going to happen here?

4. Have you heard anything about Masahiro Tanaka and the posting system?

5. Have you heard about any team seriously linked to Ubaldo Jimenez and Ervin Santana?

The answer to No. 5 was easy: No. Because circumstances are buzz-sawing the negotiating leverage from underneath those two veteran pitchers.

A) Santana and Jimenez are anchored to draft-pick compensation, while pitchers like Matt Garza and Tanaka are not. It has been established over the past two winters that many teams won’t even consider signing free agents attached to draft picks because they don’t want to lose the draft pick or the draft budget dollars tied to each pick.