Top 10 rotations in the majors

You are in good shape when your rotation starts with these two Cy Young winners. Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos/Getty Images

Mashiro Tanaka will represent a significant upgrade to the winning bidder, and as some executives said last week, the expectation is that he'll get a contract well over $100 million. Matt Garza, Ervin Santana and Ubaldo Jimenez will also land someplace. David Price could be traded someplace soon.

With those big names still in limbo, we rank the top 10 rotations in MLB.

1. Detroit Tigers

Rick Porcello could not have been more ill-suited for the Tigers over the last two seasons, because he needs the support of his defense and Detroit had little to offer. Now that the Tigers have upgraded at shortstop, with Jose Iglesias, and at third base (with Nick Castellanos taking over for Miguel Cabrera) and first (where Cabrera will be stationed), Porcello's ability to generate ground balls should be better exploited.

Remember, Porcello turns 25 years old on Friday and already has 149 starts in the big leagues; numerous evaluators believe he's headed for a strong season, at the back end of a rotation that includes the Cy Young Award winners from 2011 (Justin Verlander) and 2013 (Max Scherzer), as well as the highly underrated Anibal Sanchez.